Where Does Junk Bear Take Junk?

Have you ever wondered: Where Does Junk Bear Take Junk? Its great question! The short and simple answer is this. We recycle and donate everything we can first. As an eco-friendly junk removal company, our goal is to keep items that are still usable out of landfills. Keep reading to learn even more about where we take junk!

What Do We Do With the Junk We Haul Away

Where Does Junk Bear Take Junk?

  • Recycle:  There are plenty of items like glass, cardboard, metal etc.that we take to local recycling centers. We actually have to pay to recycle some items. The cost of recycling is included in our pricing, and we make every effort to do so. There are a lot of junk removal companies out there who unfortunately won’t take this step. Don’t worry. We do!
  • Donate:  We love giving back to the community. We work with donation centers all over Connecticut to donate usable items to good causes. Once again, the labor and transportation to donate these items is covered in our junk removal pricing. We donate household items like clothing and furniture on a regular basis.
  • Upcycle:  Some items like organic materials and yard waste can actually be upcycled. Tree branches and limbs can be made into mulch.
  • Landfills and Transfer Stations:  Some items can’t be recycled or donated. We do have to take items to transfer stations. That’s we you see in the picture above. A transfer station is a facility where items are sorted before they go to landfills. We have transfer stations in Connecticut, and we no longer have landfills! How crazy is that? More on transfer stations here.

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Do you want to get rid of your junk? We are here to help. We offer free junk removal quotes. What’s even better? We will make every effort to donate or recycle your unwanted items. The landfill is our last resort.  Give us a call at 860-368-0136 today. We are help to help and get you clutter free. We hope we were able to answer Where Does Junk Bear Take Junk? Let us know if you have any other questions!

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