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Treadmill Removal in Connecticut

Using treadmills and other examples of exercise equipment is a great way to keep fit. Having a home gym, for example, can keep you dedicated to a fitness routine, improving your quality of life. However, exercise equipment doesn’t last forever. In fact, you might be dealing with a broken treadmill, elliptical, or another exercise machine as you read this. Is it time to look into treadmill removal services? Then you’ll be relieved to know that Junk Bear can assist you.

We are Connecticut’s go-to junk removal business, so when you need us to haul away a treadmill or another exercise machine, feel free to let us know. We can be there as soon as today or tomorrow to take it off your hands. Once that space has been cleared up, you can order a replacement. Or, find a new use for that free space. It’s up to you what you do with it!

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Why Our Treadmill Removal Services?
If there's anything abundantly clear about treadmills and similar exercise machines, it's that they're heavy. So heavy, in fact, that you probably needed help getting them inside your property in the first place. Well, now that you want to get rid of your exercise equipment, it's time to do the same process in reverse. Of course, removing items from homes is what we specialize in, so feel free to give us a call. Our junk removal professionals will learn more about the exercise equipment you need to get rid of before confirming your appointment. Just like that, you're on our schedule.
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We're the Pros!
Removing a bulky treadmill from your home won't be a problem for us. If necessary, we can disassemble the machine to be more manageable. Additionally, we also bring along a big, capable crew that would love to do some heavy lifting for you. In any case, we'll be sure to avoid causing any damage. Nobody wants their walls and floors scuffed up, and we have a knack for making sure any little mishaps like that are avoided entirely. Say goodbye to your treadmill with zero hang-ups thanks to Junk Bear!
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Our Treadmill Removal Process
  1. It all begins when you receive our courtesy call. This is how we let you know that we're in our truck, driving your way. Keep an eye out for us, because we'll be there soon!
  2. Next, show us the exercise equipment that needs to go. Approve our upfront quote shortly afterwards. Our prices are based on the labor we provide in addition to the amount of truck space your treadmill uses up.
  3. Once you've approved our quote, we won't waste any time hauling your exercise equipment away. We'll even sweep up where it used to be once we're done.
  4. Finally, we will accept your payment. We accept cash, checks, and cards, so please have one of those ready for us. Once you've paid, we'll get out of there!

Weight Training Equipment Removal

For the bodybuilders out there, you already know that there is a lot of equipment that you need for a full-body workout. There are dumbbells, barbells, attachable weights, and even weights you can tie onto your legs, just to name a few. These won’t be too much trouble for us to remove. Even though you’re more than used to picking those weights up, why not give us a shot? We’ll lug them away to our truck and dispose of them as well without hassling you!


Additionally, you may also be in possession of one of those fancier muscle training machines. You know—the ones with the adjustable weight racks that you can use to train specific parts of your body. You may even be managing a gymnasium and need to get rid of a few broken machines. Well, we’re here to help! We can use moving dollies and straps to remove even your bulkiest pieces of equipment.

Exercise Equipment we Take

  • Treadmills
  • Elliptical
  • Standing Bikes

  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Weight Training Machines

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Junk Bear’s humble beginnings go back to October 2019 when our founder, Rob Paradis, decided to take on a “side hustle” in addition to his work as a corporate operations manager. Eventually, though, he dedicated himself to junk removal full-time, and thus, Junk Bear was born. We’re more than just a treadmill removal services company. We also haul residential junk, commercial junk, and just about any kind of clutter under the sun!

Perhaps one of the most important pledges in our business is our pledge to your satisfaction. Remember, whether you need treadmill removal services or something else from us, we’re not happy until you are. That’s why we offer great prices and friendly service you won’t find anywhere else. Let us bear the weight of your junk. You’ll be glad you found us!

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