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Getting rid of a sole item from your property can be more challenging than you’d expect. It could be that the item is heavy, or that it’s up a few flights of stairs, or that you simply lack the time to deal with it on your own. Well, if you’re in Connecticut State, you don’t have to worry about do-it-yourself junk removal. Just contact Junk Bear, and we’ll hook you up with the single item pickup services you need. We’ll work fast so you can save as much time as possible!

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Why Our Single Item Pickup Services?
With Junk Bear, you can get rid of any single item on your property for a ir and affordable price! Our junk removal cost is low, and that's because we are locally owned and operated. (Our operating costs aren't as high, you see.) You'll simply pay us an amount that's based on the total volume of your unwanted item. It doesn't get any more straightforward than that!

Count on Junk Bear to remove whatever you want to get rid of. As long as your item isn't hazardous or dangerous, we can take it! This means we can even provide you with a bulky item pickup. If you want us to lug away a piece of gym equipment, an old appliance, or even a chunk of scrap metal, we've got you covered!
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How It Works
  1. Whether you need a household pick up or a commercial pick up, we'll be there right on time, and we'll even call you before we arrive.
  2. Accept our upfront quote, then watch as the Junk Bear team lifts that unwanted item up and hauls it to our junk removal truck.
  3. After loading your item into the truck, we'll make sure we didn't leave a trail of dust. We always sweep up behind ourselves either way.
  4. Finally, we will accept your payment. We accept cash, cards, and checks, so please have one of those payment methods ready.

Schedule Furniture Haul Away with Junk Bear!

From living room entertainment centers to office desks and chairs, we are prepared to remove your unwanted furniture! These items can be heavy, sure, but that’s never stopped Junk Bear before. Since our team consists of multiple members, we can simply lift those larger objects up by both sides. Boom! Just like that, your furniture is gone. If you have something new you’d like to move in to take the old furniture’s place, let us know. We’ll get it settled in for a small labor upcharge.

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No need to haul that junk for yourself, and there’s certainly no reason for you to lug it to the nearest landfill. Junk Bear, your locally owned hauling business, is going to do all the work for you. We’re family-owned, five-star-rated, and fully insured, making us the #1 junk removers in your area. Count on us to serve you right during your appointment. You’ll be so impressed, you might just recommend us to your friends, too.

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