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Yard Debris Removal

Let Junk Bear tidy up your yard!

Full-Service Yard Waste Removal

Make no mistake about it: lawn debris removal can be tedious work. Fortunately, thanks to Junk Bear, cleaning up branches, bushes, and other yard debris doesn’t have to be your responsibility. Get back to your home life or job and let our professional crew do the yard work. We’ll haul it all for a price you’ll love.

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Yard Debris Cleanup by Junk Bear
Working outdoors can be time-consuming, and depending on the season, you might even break a sweat (or find yourself shivering)! Don't worry; our team can pick up the yard scraps for you, including the following:
  • Branches, Sticks, and Twigs
  • Hedge and Bush Clippings
  • Unwanted Shrubbery
  • Dead or Dying Crops and Plants
  • And More!
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    Why Yard Cleanup and Haul Away?

    You Might Need Yard Cleanup If:

  • A storm blew through and littered your yard with sticks and branches.
  • Your garden plants dried up, but you don't have time to toss them out yourself.
  • Some dead bushes in your backyard have become a real eyesore.
  • You just feel like your yard could use a little tidying up!
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    Yard Debris Removal Cost
    Thanks to Junk Bear, you can have your yard cleaned up at a price that won't break the bank!
  • Volume-based. The amount of junk that winds up in our truck determines the price. You pay for what we haul and not a penny more.
  • Local savings. We cost less to operate than a franchise. Enjoy the savings you won't find at a "big box" business!
  • Upfront. We give you our all-inclusive price upfront. Know the final cost ASAP. Once you agree to it, that price is final.
  • Pay with cash, a card, or a check.
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    Schedule Yard Junk Removal
    Get a yard debris removal appointment today by calling us or booking online!
  • Call us at (860) 368-0136. We'll be happy to take your call.
  • Or contact us online. Just fill out our online form.
  • Get an estimate. Just tell us about your yard debris removal needs first.
  • Get an appointment window. Pick a time and day that's best for you!
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    When looking for a company to haul away yard debris, you want a team that’s professional while also not costing you an arm and a leg. We’re happy to report there’s a fantastic business for you: Junk Bear! We offer many junk removal services, including yard debris removal, for great rates that save you money.

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