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Junk Removal in Bethany, CT

Call Junk Bear for all your junk removal needs in Bethany, CT! Specializing in a long list of junk removal services in Bethany, our guys make keeping a clean property easier than ever.

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Trusted Junk Removal Pros in Bethany, CT

In the rural town of Bethany, finding a trusty junk hauling crew can be nothing short of a challenge. And with so many complicated, junk-related scenarios popping up everyday, having a go-to company for junk removal in Bethany is essential! But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. As the top provider of junk removal services in Bethany, we are always ready to tackle the removal and disposal of your unwanted items! With our help, you can go back to your horseback adventures or other hobbies, putting more time into the things you love.

Do you have old, worn-out furniture past its prime? What about construction debris collecting dust in your garage? Let us bear your junk! Our team of local experts has hauled items of all sorts. You can count on them to properly handle your junk removal in Bethany despite what sort or size of junk items you got.

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Why Us for Bethany Junk Removal?

If you're in search of junk removal in Bethany, chances are that you're under some pressure or stress. Rest assured that with us, you'll be facing an effortless, stress-free junk removal process! We understand that getting rid of junk is no fun when you have a hundred other things to worry about. We bring a full-service approach to junk removal services in Bethany that covers every step with extreme professionalism and ease so that you can relax! On top of that, we'll charge you a fair junk removal cost that other companies, frankly, can't hold a candle to! How's that? We're a locally-owned company, which means we save you from corporate add-on fees that hike your price up. Instead, we stick to a volume-based system that ensures a fair, price everytime! Regardless of the junk pick-up service you need, your price is dependent on the amount of space your junk takes up.
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Junk Removal Process

1. First, schedule your junk removal services in Bethany, CT! You can do that either by dialing our number or scheduling online. 2. Next, our haulers will give you a courtesy call when on the way to you. Don't sweat, they make sure to arrive on time or early! 3. Upon our team's arrival, just point out what junk needs to go. Then our pros will give you a free, all-inclusive quote upfront! 4. As long as you're happy paying that price, approve your quote. That way, haulers can tackle your junk removal services sooner than later.

Old Appliance Removal in Connecticut

Did your washer or dryer recently stop working? If your answer is yes and you live in the Bethany area, call us! We provide full-service appliance removal that saves you from the hassle of getting rid of that appliance. Not only do we handle all the heavy lifting, we also dispose of your old appliance in the most eco-friendly manner possible. We do that by recycling! If you didn’t already know, appliances are made of many reusable components like metal that can be extracted and re-utilized time and time again!

Here’s what to expect for your appointment. Upon the arrival of our crew, point them in the direction of your broken appliance. Once they determine your price, they’ll present you with a free, all-inclusive quote awaiting your approval. Once you agree to it, haulers get to hauling! They’ll safely remove your appliance and load it up onto a truck, taking any precautions necessary. And finally, they’ll sweep up your floors, accept your payment, and head to a nearby appliance recycling facility. After our team drops off your appliance, on-site workers would utilize machinery to break it down.

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Junk Bear is a friendly, locally-owned junk removal company providing high quality services in a variety of areas. In truth, we cover the entirety of the Constitution State! That’s because we’re driven to simplify lives across the state with the help of our full-service junk removal. Whether you’re located in Fairfield or New Haven County, give us a call!

Our company was founded in 2019 by a friendly neighbor named Rob Paradis. As a go-getter, he would run trash pick-up errands for locals on his corporate lunch breaks and after hours. Using his personal truck and utility truck, he would haul junk of all sorts to local dumps so that the customer could focus on other responsibilities at hand. After experiencing positive feedback and gratitude from client after client, he decided to go all in on Junk Bear, since which he’s never looked back! Today, we’re proud to be Connecticut residents’ and business owners’ go-to company for trusted junk removal services.

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