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Is it time to replace that old, rotted fence out back? If so, we can help ease the process!
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Expert-Level Fence Removal in CT

At Junk Bear, we’re an experienced crew of junk removal and demolition providers that thrive on serving you with a range of 5-star services. With our demo knowledge and expertise, we know that fence removal is best addressed professionally, rather than DIY-style. After all, there are many things that can go wrong in the process. Worst case scenario, you could get hurt! As friendly locals who care, that’s the last thing we want. Instead, enjoy a risk-free experience with our full-service fence removal!

No matter how large or intimidating your job looks from the outside, we promise to cover it entirely with ease. That includes the complete break-down of your fence, the removal and disposal of the debris, and the cleanup process! When we’re done with you, your yard will be open and ready for a new fence- if that’s your next step, that is. Regardless of your unique situation and circumstances, we’ll get the job according to your needs!

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Why Us for Fence Removal?

Junk Bear combines top-tier quality with unbeatable rates in all its services. When it comes to your fence removal services, our guys will arrive promptly with positive attitudes and all the right gear to demolish that old fence! Utilizing their knowledge of proper demo practices, they'll get the job done seamlessly without a single error. We'll keep your fence removal cost super low and straight-forward, as well! That's because our company upholds a universal, volume-based system. That means that your price solely depends on the size of your fence! And don't worry, we make sure to let you know your price in advance. After assessing your fence at the beginning of your appointment, we'll hand you an all-inclusive quote at no extra charge!
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Our Fence Removal Process

1. First things first, schedule your appointment for fence removal today! Simply head to our booking page or give us a call to begin. 2. Prior to your appointment, our team will contact you with an ETA so that you're ready for them. Then, they'll arrive on time as expected! 3. After greeting you with warm and welcoming attitudes, our pros will observe your fence. Next, they'll give you a free quote displaying your total cost! 4. If you're comfortable paying our price, approve our quote! That way, our experts can get to tearing down and disposing of your fence as soon as possible.

Chain-Link Fence Removal

If you have a chain-link fence to remove, don’t sweat. Our guys have plenty of experience with fence removal! After years of dismantling fences of all sorts, they’re beyond prepared to tackle the removal of your chain-link fence. Just schedule your appointment, approve your quote, and watch our experts work their magic.

Our pros will first gear up with gloves and goggles before addressing your fence removal services. Then, they’ll loosen the clamps attaching the fence fabric to the posts and remove them, along with the tension bars. After setting those aside in a safe place, our guys will utilize pliers to cut the fence ties found on the fence posts. And finally, they’re left to address the fence posts and top rail!

Depending on your specific fence, our team will loosen and remove the top rail appropriately. Next, they’ll move on to removing fence posts. They’ll pull the fence post caps and dig out the base of the posts from the ground, using water to soak and loosen the base if necessary. Lastly, they’ll round up all the construction waste, load it up onto trucks, and head to a recycling site to dispose of the debris responsibly!

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Junk Bear is your local, go-to company for fence removal, junk hauling, and demolition services in Connecticut! We’re a locally-owned and operated company that cares for your needs far better than the average joe. In fact, our team is always on standby Monday-Saturday to handle any junk removal services that you need! That makes us a top contender when you need junk removed asap. We specialize in same and next-day service that helps you destress and focus on yourself, rather than some unwanted junk items.

If you’re looking for a company that handles the disposal of your waste responsibly, you’ve come to the right place! Junk Bear is an eco-friendly business where we’re proud to contribute to the reuse of junk in your local community. While other junk hauling companies put electronics, metals, and other recyclable materials to waste in landfills, we recycle them! On top of that, we recycle all the mattresses and appliances that we receive. That way, we help protect the environment that we rely on!

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