Ways You Can Get Rid of Old Furniture in Southington, CT

Old furniture in need of furniture removal services in Southington, CT

Have Old Furniture You Want to Toss?

Out with the old, in with the new, and this applies to your furniture. We all deal with it at some point or another. As time goes by and memories are made sitting on that couch, love seat or chair the natural wear and tear happens and before you know it, it’s time to replace the old furniture that you may have. Is this what you are experiencing now? Need to get rid of that old furniture? Don’t worry, we have the answers for you!

Ways to get rid of old furniture in Southington, CT:

  1. Throw it out at the town dump using your vehicle on a weekend that the dump is open. You’ll likely need to use a pickup truck or large SUV. Grab a buddy, a spouse or family member to help you lift, carry and load these items into and out of your vehicle. You may have a longer wait at the town dump on the weekend. The reason for the longer lines is due to them not always being open to the residents. You will need to register for a dump pass for the current year proving that you are a town resident. If you are in Southington, this dump is free, but many other towns require payment for the items you throw away.
  2. Donate your furniture. You may be able to provide this to a facility that will try to resell at a discount, second hand. Donation centers rarely will come to your home, so this will take help again from a friend or family member along with a pickup truck or larger SUV. Make sure you call the donation center before going with your furniture as they will require pictures and will need to see if they have the room in the store to hold the pieces of furniture.
  3. Sell on Facebook Marketplace or any other online platform. Just a note, most people do not like welcoming strangers in their homes to transact the sale, so people who choose the safer route will meet at a local area in town. Our safe suggestion is to make sure it’s a public location in the day time to meet the person. Also, make sure they are serious before taking the time to load up and meet as from our experience of reselling items online, there are a lot of “tire kickers” out there wasting people’s time messaging their commitments and never following through.
  4. Call a junk removal service – If you don’t want to deal with the trouble moving around your furniture, but still need to get rid of the items than a reputable junk removal service can help you out!

Why Hire a Professional Junk Removal Company?

Here at Junk Bear, our #1 item that we get rid of is a couch! We have the professional junk removal experts to come onsite to take care of the headache for you. We have the right tools for the job like appliance hand trucks, dollies, lifting straps, etc. Two uniformed team members will be dispatched in one of our 15 cubic yard dump trucks to your home. You will show them exactly what you want gone and based on the volume and where the items are coming from they’ll provide a no obligation, upfront price. If you say go, they will take care of the rest! They do all the heavy lifting, carrying, loading and hauling of course and after the service we take cash, check or card payment. We will try to donate, recycle, reuse or resell your item at a deep discount to the community. If none of these options are available, we’ll take your unwanted items to our commercial dump location.

Another relatable service that we can offer while at your home:

  • Onsite labor moving services – this can be useful for rearranging your new furniture in your home!

How you can schedule your next furniture removal service:

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Thank you and remember, Let us BEAR your junk!

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