From Employee to Entrepreneur

Rob Paradis, owner and CEO of Junk Bear

The Story of How Junk Bear Began.

Hi, I’m Rob Paradis, owner and operator of Junk Bear LLC. I wanted to share a little about my past work history to explain where I’ve come from!

Age 12, I started my working career as a Paper Boy! This taught me a lot and maybe a little extreme for my age at the time as I woke up at 3:45am to ride my bike 1.5 miles away to put together our Hartford Currant papers. Rain, snow, sleet, heat didn’t matter, the papers needed to be delivered 7 days a week. This really taught me the value of being consistent and reliable.

Age 14, I worked for my uncles in the summers throughout my teen years to build above ground pools. Along with always training for the 3 different sports I played growing up, I did some hard construction labor during the hot summer days. This taught me the value of hard work.

Age 16, to coincide with the summer pool work, I was a donut and coffee slinger at Dunkin Donuts. This really taught me the art of customer service.

Age 23, I landed a job at a large Metals service center. This was right after college, so this was truly the start of my young business career as I worked there for 10 years and was promoted to 5 different roles within the company in that time period. It was truly a world class company to work for and I took away so many values that serve me in my business’ today. This company really taught me how to be a professional.

Age 33, Junk Bear LLC was formed out of thin air and the rest is history!

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