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New Year, New Me – Right?


While most people probably aim their focus on their bodies, their food intake, their exercise routine, their job performance, their new daily habits, or their anticipated vacations…new year to me always starts with purging my surroundings.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t be productive and efficient if my surroundings are not tidy and in order.  

This is never a once a year event for me, but it is always a beginning of the year ritual. Make lists! What has accumulated in your basement? What has accumulated in your attic? What has accumulated in your closets, pantry, or garage? Come up with a plan! Don’t make this part harder than it needs to be on you. A complicated plan is a plan that doesn’t get accomplished! Pick a day for each area of the home you want to tackle and simply make piles. By the end of the week, you should have been able to tackle all the things that make you feel overwhelmed in your own home! Gather each pile each day and throw it in a corner of your garage. If you don’t have a garage, just find a place of the home to pile your ‘stuff’ (that you won’t trip over all week). The easiest part, make a five minute call to your local, family-owned junk removal service, and your worries are taken care of without lifting a finger. Men will literally come and politely gather anything you want gone…and just like that, you now have a home you want to live and work in again!! 

We all know what it’s like: some things are too heavy or large for you to git rid of yourself; moms, you’re too busy with the children to be figuring out what to do with all your junk; dads, you’re out at the office providing for the family and can’t find the time and energy for these purges; elderly, you don’t have the physical capabilities to remove these items. We have you covered. Junk Bear is professional, polite, friendly and fast. Don’t overthink this necessary part of clean and efficient living within the home – call Junk Bear today! 860-368-0136

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