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Where To Recycle New Haven CT

In New Haven, Connecticut, residents and businesses alike are conscientiously embracing sustainable practices by actively participating in recycling initiatives. With a commitment to environmental stewardship, the city offers comprehensive recycling programs designed to minimize waste and preserve natural resources. From curbside pickup to drop-off locations, New Haven provides accessible avenues for recycling a wide range of materials. By engaging in these efforts, individuals contribute to a cleaner, greener community while fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. But are you wondering where to recycle New Haven CT? Let’s explore the various avenues available for recycling in New Haven and discover how each of us can play a vital role in promoting sustainability within our city.

Where To Recycle New Haven CT

Reasons Why You Should Recycle?

  1. Environmental Conservation: Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills or incinerators, which helps conserve natural resources and energy. By recycling materials like paper, glass, plastic, and metal, New Haven can decrease its carbon footprint, mitigate pollution, and protect ecosystems.
  2. Economic Benefits: Recycling can create jobs and stimulate the local economy. Establishing effective recycling programs in New Haven can generate employment opportunities in waste collection, sorting, processing, and manufacturing industries. Additionally, recycling reduces the costs associated with waste disposal and can generate revenue through the sale of recyclable materials.
  3. Community Health: Recycling promotes public health by minimizing the environmental hazards associated with landfilling and incineration. Landfills can produce harmful pollutants and greenhouse gases, while incinerators emit air pollutants that can compromise air quality and human health. By recycling, New Haven can reduce these negative impacts and create a cleaner and healthier environment for its residents.

Are you eager to recycle your items? We’re happy to hear it! Keep reading to find out where to take your recyclable items.

List Of Places To Recycle In New Haven CT

  • Alderman-Dow Iron & Metal Co — 358 Chapel St, New Haven, CT 06511
  • All American Waste — 19 Wheeler St, New Haven, CT 06512
  • Atlas Auto Recycling — 159 Middletown Ave, New Haven, CT 06513
  • Chase Waste Material Corporation — 250 Middletown Ave, New Haven, CT 06513
  • Circle of Life — 80 Middletown Ave, New Haven, CT 06513
  • East Haven Bottle Return — 99 Commerce St, East Haven, CT 06512
  • East Haven Transfer Station — 240 Commerce St, East Haven, CT 06512
  • Elm City Materials — 7 Spring St, West Haven, CT 06516
  • Hamden Town Transfer Station — 231 Wintergreen Ave, New Haven, CT 06515
  • HazWaste Central —  90 Sargent Dr, New Haven, CT 06511
  • Industrial Recycling  — 149 Front Ave #1, West Haven, CT 06516
  • Marcus Paper Co —  93 Wood St, West Haven, CT 06516
  • New Haven Landfill/Transfer — 260 Middletown Ave, New Haven, CT 06513
  • Redemption Centers of America — 163 Boston Post Rd, West Haven, CT 06516
  • Sims Metal – New Haven, Connecticut — 808 Washington Ave, New Haven, CT 06519
  • Sims Metal – North Haven, Connecticut — 234 Universal Dr, North Haven, CT 06473

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