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Where Do We Dispose of Your Items?

Our mission as a locally owned, family operated, full-service, fully insured junk removal company is to remove your junk items professionally and efficiently. We also enjoy avoiding the landfill so that we can make the earth a better place! Here are the four ways that makes us an Eco-friendly Junk Removal Company. The four steps we take before sending the “junk” to our commercial dump:

1. Recycle

We do everything we can to recycle as many items as possible in order to keep them out of the landfill! Our shop and yard is well located logistically. We are on the same street as the transfer location that we use 90% of the time! This means the truck teams can stop quickly at our shop or our yard to off load items that we can recycle. We have a scrap metal dumpster onsite to take off anything that is metal as well as recycling out batteries and cords. We have a mattress tent that we store mattresses so that we can recycle them through a state wide program called “Bye Bye Mattress”. We take off any books and clothing that we can donate to libraries, Goodwill and clothing bins. We even take off tires, so that we can recycle them at Don’s Stevens Tire Recycling in Southington!

2. Reuse

We reuse many of the tools that we remove such as: brooms, shovels, wrench sets, power tools, power cords, etc.! We’ve even reused furniture for our shop and games like air hockey, dart boards and basketball hoops for our team members to enjoy.

3. Repurpose

We have repurposed industrial racks for our shop, a tent for our mattresses, tarps for removing brush from our customer’s yards. We also repurpose furniture like dressers and bookcases for organizing our uniform closet and so much more!

4. Resell

This is what inspired us to start “BEARLY USED” (a secondhand reselling shop at 36 Triano Dr Bay C Southington, CT 06489). We contract with an online lister who resells a lot of the nicer items that we haul away at deep discounts to the community. It is her livelihood as well as our initiative to give back to the hard working team members who are on the trucks hauling the items; we pool a percentage of the proceeds to give back to the BEARS in monthly bonuses.

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