The Bristol Press and Junk Bear

Bristol Press basement clean out project being completed by Junk Bear LLC

Supporting an Old Friend with Junk Removal

This is an interesting post due to the two businesses that are at play here…to the right, The Bristol Press…to the left, Junk Bear…both have large influences on Rob Paradis’ life.
Rob grew up in Bristol during his middle school and high school years where he played 3 sports and started his working career delivering newspapers for The Bristol press at age 12 years old. (He eventually started delivering The Hartford Currant as well, 3:45am in the morning rain or shine)
Fast forward 24 years after working at a couple different companies climbing the corporate ranks, Rob now owns and operates Junk Bear.
Junk Bear quoted a basement clean out for The Bristol Press today and it’s funny how life will come full circle at different moments  during the journey!
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