Spring Clean Ups and Spring Clean Outs!

A pair of Junk Bear's junk removal trucks parked side by side

Choose Junk Bear for Spring Cleaning Projects

Does your yard need a spring clean up? Does your house need a spring clean out? We do both! We’ll retrieve unwanted items and debris from anywhere on your property or within your house. Make a pile of yard waste and call us up. We can even remove very heavy items like old lawn mowers, tractors, hot tubs, above ground pools, decks, sheds, fence. We use a winch and ramp system on our dump trucks to load up heavy junk items. We also send out two team members who are strong and capable of removing your items safely and efficiently.

If you need to clean out the clutter from inside your garage, basement, attic, shed or any other room just call us up and we’ll assess how much volume of junk there is and provide a price upfront, onsite. If you say go, the two BEARS will do all the lifting, loading and hauling of course! We offer full-service junk removal, which means all you need to do is show us where the items are and we’ll take care of the rest!

Regain your space and feel relieved when you throw old junk items away with Junk Bear! Not all of your junk will be sent to the landfill either. We will of course always try to reuse, repurpose, recycle and resell decent items back to the community!

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