Some Information About Our Team And How Your Jobs Support Us!

Junk Bear team members standing in front of their junk removal truck fleet

Support Small Business with Junk Bear

When you call up Junk Bear to book your junk removal or light demo projects, your money is going to a small business in the state of CT!

It’s going to a team of 14 people and their families: 1 Owner, 1 Admin/Bookkeeper, 12 Truck Team Members. We all come to work to serve our state of CT. All of our price points have been looked at to make sure we are appropriately covering the long list of legitimate expenses that go into running a full-service, junk removal company while providing the best value for your hard earned money. The revenue allows us to pour resources back into the business and the BEARS! If we do it correctly, the business will be healthy which will allow us to grow, improve our quality and maintain our Five Star service to our lovely clients!

As a company we provide the highest pay in the industry to our workers, health benefits, company retirement matches, incentive bonuses, holiday pay, team building events, full insurance coverage, uniforms, newer equipment and facility perks like our new work out gym area, coffee, TV and video games!

Strong profitable small businesses not only protect our hardworking team members, but our clients and of course supports this great nation!

From everyone at JB, thank you for the work! How can we serve you?

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