Shed and Barn Removal

Demolish and haul away junk from an unwanted shed or barn

Get Rid of Unwanted Sheds and Barns

Do you have an old, rotten shed in your yard attracting insects and rodents? Is it almost falling down and causing a safety hazard for your kids to play around? Homeowners’ Insurance policies actually tend to be very concerned with older structures on your property if they are not either rebuilt or taken down. We’ve heard of situations where homeowners have been dropped from their policies due to old barns and sheds being in rough shape causing unnecessary liability risks.

No need to fear, the BEARS are here! We demolish and remove dozens of sheds a year. If you can text 860-368-0366 or email pictures of the front view, side view and inside view of your shed, we can return you a demo and disposal quote to remove it from your yard. The service takes a couple hours, but we’ve gotten pretty efficient with it after doing at least 100 shed removals in our 3 years of business.

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