Need That Old Hot Tub Removed From Your Property?

Before and after of a hot tub that Junk Bear removed from a client's property

Need A Hot Tub Removed?

It happens all the time, especially in the northeast. Hot tubs are very relaxing and enjoyable, but the upkeep, maintenance and the amount of energy it takes to keep warm throughout the year can be challenging! If you don’t keep up the maintenance than all of a sudden the pipes freeze and the internals become damaged. Once it’s damaged the cost of repairing it will be substantial!

Now you have to decide if you keep the broken hot tub in your yard taking up space, if you remove it yourself or if you call up a junk removal company to take it away. It takes some hard work to remove. Most of the time they’re too heavy to carry or to use dollies and hand trucks. We have a tool called the hot tub sled which helps a lot! If we can powerlift the hot tub on it’s side vertically onto the flat sled we can drag and push it to the truck.

Once it’s at our dump truck, we tip it onto our ramp and use our 9000 lb winch to drag it up into the bed of the truck. We have a competitive advantage with our trucks as they’re 8ft wide, most junk companies use 6.5ft wide trucks which would not allow enough width for a hot tub to be laid down safely. Another way we remove hot tubs is to take expensive carbide blades and a reciprocating saw to cut them up into 4 sections and carry the pieces to the truck. We of course sweep up afterwards as this is a messy process with all of the insulation bits everywhere!

If you want to save your back and save your time, give us a call and we’ll set up an appointment to remove that broken old hot tub and you can regain your space!

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