Junk Bear and it’s Mission!

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Junk Bear Takes Its Missions To Heart

My Educational Moment has to do with Mission Statements, Guiding principles, Core values and mottos of your business. You need to be clear with these so that you can keep all team members rowing in the same direction…you can use these when reviewing the performance of your team members and of course you would keep these in mind when recruiting talented new people to join the company….

We’ve made some changes at Junk Bear recently, so I’ll share examples of these within our company:

Missions Statement: To build leaders, pursue growth as a team, while delivering 5 star service.

Guiding principle: Treat every NEW customer like they are your FIRST customer.

BEAR Core Values:

1) B is for Brotherhood…..we want our employees to feel like they are genuinely a member of the team (I played a lot of football in my youth and there’s nothing better than guys pulling for each other, but at the same time competing…competition breeds success)

2) E is for Efficiency…..if we can be fluid and productive we’ll be profitable

3) A is for Authenticity….we must be honest and genuine with how we price and handle our customers

4) R is for Reliability…..we do what we say and show up to take care of your problem every time.

Mottos or Sayings that we use within our company:


“The team that communicates the best, wins”….(this applies to communication from the truck team to the office to the customer, we always want to be on the same page so we can be efficient and effective)

“Think Safety”…..poster with bullet points of safety reminders

“Let’s be the biggest “little guy” on the block”………being family run we want to compete with the large national companies

 7 R’s that help us organically grow and responsibly dispose of waste:

  1. Repeat customers
  2. Reviews from customers
  3. Referrals from customers
  4. Recycle items
  5. Reuse items within our company
  6. Repurpose items within our company
  7. Resell items within our company

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