How Does Pricing Work With Full-Service Junk Removal by Junk Bear?

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How Does Junk Removal Pricing Work?

Good question! How much does it cost to remove a dresser, table, couch, fridge, cardboard….spouse….etc.? This is the most frequently asked question that we receive as a junk removal company and no, spouses can not be hauled away! As for the other bulky and household items price is determined by volume as well as how long it takes us to fill the truck. We have 10 different price points on the truck. We send a curtesy ETA when en route to your house, you point and show the guys exactly what you want gone and we provide a price upfront before we load the truck. We can determine how much room your unwanted items will fill up our truck before actually doing it (the team members have had a lot of practice estimating thousands of jobs so you’re in good hands!). We do consider the labor time of loading your items though because no “junk job” is the same. Items that come from the attic take a lot longer for us to load as opposed to an outside pile of stuff that we can back our 15 cubic yard dump trucks right to. Another factor that we run into, at times, is weight. Extra weight fees really only come into play when we are dealing with specific type of waste such as construction debris, tile, water soaked wood, drywall, stone, concrete, etc. We need to factor in the weight as some of this material can make a truck load weigh 4 times as heavy as an average junk haul.

So, to get the most accurate price, we have to be onsite so that we can fully assess the job at hand. We provide that Free no obligation quote upfront and if you say go, we load up and haul your headache away right then and there!

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