Good Deeds by the BEARS!

A customer's beagle, Willow, happy after Junk Bear assisted by a Junk Bear employee

BEARS Make A Difference Every Day!

Jeannine Kremzar shared her inspirational story on Facebook

“Good morning

I live on Brookview Ave in Wallingford. The other day while sitting in my backyard with my grandson and dogs one of your driver’s stopped at the corner of my yard blocking traffic. I wasn’t sure what he was doing. Thinking maybe he was lost looking at numbers. He had stopped traffic because my beagle willow had escaped and I didn’t know and he was alerting me to her. I want to give him a special thank you I didn’t get his name. I just saw the truck. It was hot and even though our road isn’t busy. People ignore the stop signs and speed like crazy. I picked her up and hugged her and kissed her and was just so grateful. So it means so much to me that whomever this young man was he took a moment and was so observant to what was around him. I want to thank him. As willow is young and could of easily of taken off. But with his help. She didn’t.

Thank you! From the bottom of my family’s heart! We have fixed the fence that led to her escape.”

We’re happy to hear that Willow is safe and sound! If you every need junk removal services, Junk Bear is only a phone call away (or feel free to book online).

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