Communication is Key to Our Customer Service!

Junk Bear believes the team that communicates the best, wins!

Communication is Key

We try and communicate as well as we can as a company externally and internally. When calling in and booking a junk removal job with us you will get to speak to a professional, live human! The first few rings will go to team members within Junk Bear and sometimes even the owner! If we are busy and miss the call for the first 6 rings, then all you need to do is stay on the line where you will be transferred to our back up call center who answers calls all week and all day long!

We will take all of your information accurately and schedule your junk removal service as swiftly as possible. We are usually next day service and sometimes same day if you call early enough! You will receive a reminder of your appointment 24 hours in advance and on the day of your appointment the truck team will message you when en route, so you are not caught off guard! If there are any delays or issues we will be sure to communicate those as soon as possible! The pricing is laid out and communicated onsite, upfront as thoroughly and as transparent as possible! We accept payment at the end of service and away your unwanted items go!

We also communicate internally as a company very well too! In a transactional, service based business you get a lot of audibles or new information in real time, so as a company our field and office operations do a great job communicating back and forth to make sure our clients get the best service as possible! We also love to keep all team members inside our company up to date on our business goals, bucket lists, improvements, near misses and even topics like the weather every morning. We also really enjoy vocalizing our mission, core values and guiding principle on a daily basis, so that we all remain “rowing the boat” in the same direction!

The team that communicates best, wins!

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