BUSINESS write up on the BEAR!

Business Profile

Junk Bear LLC.

Junk Bear LLC. is a full-service junk removal and light demolition company based in Southington, CT. Founder Rob Paradis and his team of haulers remove Connecticut’s junk six days a week, cleaning up our community with the help of their 3 dump trucks and trailer. Rob is ecstatic he’s growing his business, which has made incredible strides since his humble beginnings making local dump runs with his pickup truck.

In October of 2019, Rob wanted a side hustle on top of his corporate day job as an Operations Manager at Yarde Metals. “So, I started hauling junk!” he says.  “I’m a ‘pick it up, put it down’ type of guy, so we thrive at hauling unwanted items with a smile!”

Junk Bear’s philosophy is to delight the customer during every step of their process. Throughout the whole scheduling and moving process, they keep communication, safety, efficiency and honesty at the forefront of their decision-making.

Rob says it’s the little things that separate the good businesses from the bad ones, and he’s been especially focused on prioritizing good leadership. He strives to improve his leadership skills with his employees daily, which has continued to enhance his operation. And he’s especially proud of Junk Bear’s branding!

CEO of Junk Bear, Rob Paradis, holding his dog, BerkleyHis tight-knit team of employees is often getting the brand name out there in creative ways. For example, if a truck team has a lighter schedule, he’ll send them down to Queen Street in one of the dump trucks to wear a Bear costume, mask included, and hold a sign that reads “Honk if you got junk!” They call this local truck marketing. It’s safe to say that the team is always finding ways to make their workday fun!

Rob, owner and operator, grew up in Bristol and has lived in Southington for about a dozen years now. He lives with his wife Kim who’s a nurse, and four children, Bjorn, Katelyn, Jordan, Kobe. Their family also has a mini goldendoodle named Berkley, a company mascot and a pet who’s treated like a prince in their home! As a family, they enjoy attending local festivals of all kinds and restaurants in downtown Southington. They’re also all members of the YMCA.


Rob is thrilled that he now gets to haul junk alongside his amazing team as his full-time job! And Junk Bear wants you to know that they’re here to clean up and help declutter our Connecticut community. They do it all—from single-item pickups to full home clean-outs, they’re eager to help. Their biggest job yet was clearing out a hoarder’s house that required 20 truck loads—that’s around 260 cubic yards of junk!

The 7 R’s they like to focus on in their business of junk hauling: Repeats, Referrals, Reviews, Recycling, Reusing, Repurposing, Reselling.

We provide very competitive wages for our team members with monthly bonuses by distributing the profits from our metal scrapping and reselling programs!

They have a few ex-military team members and a strong appreciation for what you do to make America great, which is why they provide 10% off discounts for any customers who are ex-military and/or first responders!

BNI & NAPO members receive 10% off as well!

To our CT community, Rob at junk Bear says, “Let us BEAR your junk!”

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