Appliance Recycling in Southington CT

Are you looking for appliance recycling in Southington CT? You have come to the right place! At Junk Bear, we can make sure any unwanted appliance you have gets recycled properly. And here’s the best part. You won’t have to lift a finger! We will go anywhere in your home or on your property to efficiently remove and recycle your appliance or appliances. Junk Bear can also haul away any other unwanted items you may have, and we make sure that we donate, recycle, or properly dispose of everything. Disposal being our last resort, always. Learn more about our other junk removal services here. 

Why Choose Junk Bear for Appliance Recycling in Southington

  • We offer free, no-obligation quotes.
  • At Junk Bear, we make sure all appliances an e-waste items are recycled properly.
  • We handle everything! All labor, transportation, and any recycle fees we incur from recycling centers.
  • We are here to work on YOUR schedule. We will pick up your items at a time the works best for you.
  • Junk Bear is fully insured, and we are ready to serve you!


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Recycling is the law in Connecticut

There are certain items that just can’t go into the trash in Connecticut! You can learn more about these recycling regulations here. Spoiler alert! Appliances are included on this list. All appliances must be recycled properly. Don’t have a pick up truck to recycle your heavy appliances? No problem! The trained professionals at Junk Bear are here to help. We will handle all the heavy lifting, transportation and recycling of your unwanted appliance.

Reasons to Recycle Your Old Appliances and All Other Recyclable Household Waste

  • Reduces Water and Air Pollution
  • Recycling Reduces the Amount of Waste that Needs Disposed.
  • Reduces waste going to landfills and incinerators.
  • Conserves water and other precious natural resources (since less raw material needs to be produced).
  • Saves energy… lots of it. According the the EPA, 1.1 quadrillion Btu to be exact.
  • Reduces green house gas emissions.
  • Increases Sustainability.

What are some more benefits of recycling? Feel free to comment with your thoughts below!

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