When to Hire Junk Removal in Southington – Every Scenario Explored

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When Is The Right Time to Hire Junk Removal Experts?

Do you need help getting rid of junk, trash, or clutter? We’ve considered the circumstances you might face and all available options so you will know when to hire junk removal in Southington, CT. 


There are many circumstances in which you might find yourself with more junk and debris than you can handle. These are but a few.

  • Moving. If you’re moving into, out of, or within the city limits of Southington, there’s a good chance you’ve got junk and trash that needs to be disposed of. This may include unwanted items, random trash, empty boxes, or other items.
  • Yard Cleanup. Post-storm clean-up and general maintenance can result in piles of yard debris. When there’s more than you can reasonably compost or deliver, you might find yourself looking for a crew for yard debris haul away services.
  • New Furniture. If you’ve picked out new furniture at Pilgrim Furniture, then you’ll need to make a plan to get rid of your old furniture. Those who aren’t in a position to move and haul these items on their own might wonder how to get rid of old furniture easily.
  • Home Renovations. Updates around the house result in more than just sawdust! When lumber, drywall, insulation, flooring, and other scraps start to pile up, you’ll need a plan to clear it all out.
  • Storage Units. Cleaning out a Southington storage unit can be a daunting task, and you might be surprised to find out that you don’t have free access to the dumpsters. When there’s a lot of mess and debris to remove, you might need a professional junk crew for storage unit junk removal.
  • Life Changes. Of course, there are also many life changes that might leave you with too many unwanted items—for instance, cleaning out an estate after the death of a loved one, or dispersing possessions after a divorce.


Trash pickup in the city of Southington is provided by three private contractors. Without a centralized waste management provider in the city, you might find it difficult to know what your donation, disposal, and recycling options are and you, therefore, might not know when to hire junk removal in Southington. 

  • Donations. There is an option for donating usable items that you no longer need to Kristen’s Kloset. Of course, there are guidelines dictating what will be accepted, and you will need to deliver these items during business hours. You can get a receipt for your donation if you follow the rules outlined online.
  • Drop Off. Central Connecticut Resource Recovery is one transfer station drop-off option in Southington. You must be able to deliver your unwanted garbage and junk. Recycling sorting takes place on site. It’s worth noting that not only must you deliver these things yourself, but you also assume all risks when entering the facility.
  • Pick Up. The trash provider that you are contracted with will be able to haul away general trash and recycling. If you have more items than can fit in your bin, or you have items that are not accepted, then it might be time to consider hiring a junk removal company.


The cost of getting rid of unwanted junk is always a consideration. For instance, at CCRR, bulk waste is charged by the pound with separate costs for particular materials and items. It might be difficult to estimate disposal costs ahead of time, so you should be prepared for whatever your final bill might be.

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If you’re not prepared for the extra work, unexpected expenses, and the general hassle of getting rid of junk, then there’s no longer a need to wonder when to hire junk removal in Southington. You need a professional crew than can BEAR your junk!

  • Locally-Owned. Junk Bear is locally owned and operated right here in Southington. That means that we know the area, we understand local regulations, and we’re prepared to bridge the gap in local junk removal resources.
  • Full-Service. Our crew is full-service. You will never need to move anything outside for pickup or haul anything to a transfer station. Instead, our team will remove your unwanted items, sort everything out, and haul it all to the proper donation, recycling, or disposal facility.
  • Clear Pricing. Our rates are upfront. All you have to do is show us the items to take or the property to be cleaned out. Then, we’ll give you a clear and firm quote for the full cost of the job. That means no surprise fees or fluctuating costs!
  • Fast Appointments. There’s no need to wait around for your regular trash day or available bulky pickup appointments. We offer junk removal services when you need them.

You can call 860-368-0136 to speak with a junk removal expert or book an appointment online any time, day or night. We’re always happy to answer your questions and assist you in getting rid of junk in Southington.

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