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Top 8 Tips for Holiday Cleaning

Is it time for some Christmas clean up? As winter arrives in Connecticut, and we begin spending more time inside our homes, it’s important to make sure those homes are clean. After all, who wants to spend all their time in a cluttered mess of a house? In addition to this, you can probably expect to invite guests over for the holidays. Don’t be a Grinch—make sure you’re hosting them in a place that’s nice, tidy, and clutter-free! With our holiday cleaning tips, you can ensure that your property is in good shape. Let’s review Junk Bear’s Christmas and New Year cleaning tips now so you can figure out where exactly to get started!

1) Sweep the Chimney

It’s important to consider sweeping your chimney. This process is supposed to be done once a year, and there’s a good reason for that. The buildup of ash and waste inside of the chimney can cause the passage of smoke—and Santa—to become obstructed. When this happens, the consequences can include smoke billowing inside your house and even the worst-case scenario of a house fire. Avoid this trouble by sweeping the chimney before you start using the fireplace! This can be a difficult process, requiring a brush and sometimes even some cable to operate the brush with. If you are uncertain of how to sweep a chimney, we recommend letting a professional service handle this for you.

2) Clean out the Fridge

Eventually, it’s going to be time to store away food you’re preparing for Christmas dinner, and after that, the leftovers. You’ll want to make sure there is room for this food, so maybe it’s time to reassess how you’re using your refrigerator space. Remove all the items from your fridge, then take some time to wipe down the shelves and surfaces. Once everything is clean, figure out what should go back into the fridge. Everything else can be disposed of!

3) Adjust Your Wardrobe

We highly doubt you’ll be wearing your shorts or your swimsuits out in the cold. Maybe it’s time to put those summer clothes into storage and pull the winter clothes back out! By doing this, you’ll keep your closet, wardrobe, or dresser roomy because you’re not wasting any space on clothes you won’t wear for months. If this is your first time storing clothes, try folding them up and putting them into cardboard boxes or plastic bins. If you have an extra closet somewhere, you could even move them there.

4) Dust Everywhere

A big part of cleaning up for the holidays is dusting around the house. It might have been easier to ignore that dust when you were getting out of the house a lot, but with winter on its way, you’ll be spending more time indoors. Let’s make sure you’re breathing cleanly all the while. With your duster, don’t forget to get those out-of-the-way surfaces, like windowsills, the top shelves of cabinets, the tops of fan blades, and more.

5) Wash the Bedding

When was the last time you washed your bedsheets? If you’re embarrassed by the answer, we won’t tell anyone. However, we do recommend sending those sheets through the wash. This is a hygienic thing to do because it helps eliminates body oils, skin flakes, and hair that we naturally shed during our sleep. Don’t forget to also wash your pillowcases. While you’re at it, why not also wash the cushion covers from the various pieces of furniture around the home?

6) Rake One Last Time

The last of the dying leaves are falling from the trees. Because of this, it might be worth your time to rake one last time. That way, your yard will be a fresh canvas for the first snowfalls of the year. Also, consider that your yard is the first thing your holiday guests will see. Leave a good first impression on them by making sure your front lawn and backyard look great!

7) Clean the Windows

During the winter, we spend a lot of time looking out the windows to see the cold world outside. Because of this, you’ll want to ensure that you have a good view. A smudged, greasy window won’t give you a good view, so break out the paper towel and the glass cleaner! It doesn’t take long to spritz your windows and wipe the grime away. That way, your windows are spotless, and you won’t be distracted by dirty spots when peeking outside. Just don’t forget to clean both sides of the windows when possible.

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8) Get Rid of Bulky Waste

Of all of our holiday cleaning tips, this may be the most important one. Whether cleaning up at the beginning of December or cleaning house after Christmas, it’s important to reduce the amount of bulky waste in your house. After all, Christmas isn’t just a fantastic way to share gifts. It’s also a fantastic way to fill your home with big cardboard boxes, old decorations from holidays past, and other junk items. You might even find that presents from years ago have lost their luster and are now more junk to take up space.

As we bring more things into our homes, we need to offload the old stuff to make room. This might mean filling up a collection bin so your public trash pickup services can take the junk off your hands. However, when the job is too big for even that, you may want to rely on junk removal services from a professional company instead. There are many companies that are willing to do the work for a fair, volume-based price. That way, you’ll still have money for a round of drinks on New Year’s once it’s all said and done!

We hope our tips for cleaning during the holidays have proved useful. Now get out there and get cleaning!

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